Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Want your site to be found on social media, Facebook, Google and Twitter etc? We optimize your website so that the user interacts with simple social media services to make your site easier to find on them.

If your business is not there, it cannot be found.

Do you want your company visible on the web via YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter or other social media portals? Then you need a good social media strategy. Your website, the virtual representation of your company has to be linked via the major social media services to prospects and customers so that you can communicate your services to them.

How do we proceed?

Get to know us! Let’s talk about what social media strategy is right for your company.

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What’s next after the first interview?

After we have learned more about your company we develop a social media marketing strategy with you.

Selection of the appropriate social media services

Our experience is important to help you make use of those social media services which are appropriate for your target group. If you operate as an online trading company for musical instruments, for example, we would recommend MySpace in addition to Facebook because MySpace is very heavily used my musicians. If you want to attract customers there is certainly no way around Twitter and LinkedIn. Our recommendation will always be that you make use of the social media benefits which are used by your customers or prospects.

Creating a Social Media Profile

Once you have decided which social media to use for your company, we can begin with creating a social media profile on those social media portals. On some social media portals it is possible to set up a profile as a company: on others however it is only possible to register as an individual. Here it is advisable to choose someone to be your social media person to set up a personal profile, so that you can communicate via these social media channels later.

Content Strategy

The content which goes on your social media channels is the most important part of your social media strategy. You customers see you through the content, so it must be interesting and authentic enough so that your company is viewed positively. Social Media Research.

A networking site and social media services along with good content strategy are a good start – but only if you win followers. Therefore an efficient generation of fans, followers and visitors are an important part of a successful social media strategy.

Social Media Campaigns

You have chosen your social media channels, linked your website with these channels, developed a content strategy and have built your reach, now it is time to put together a social media campaign. A social media campaign, if it is successful, goes viral. In other words, it is like a biological virus which is spread human to human.

We look forward to meeting you in person. If you have questions or a free, no obligation request, please contact us.

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