ORP Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Have you, as a person, or your company been attacked by negative comments on the web?

If you enter top search results for your name or your company’s products or services and find negative comments, it is not only bad for your reputation but it may even threaten its existence.

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You cannot always remove negative search results but you can diffuse the situation by placing positive findings on the first Google search results page.

A healthy online reputation is a prerequisite for success on the web

Negative comments about an organization, company, brand or person on the web is all too often like a bush fire, happening much faster than it could offline. Even managers of internationally operating companies so not know what to do if they or their products are drawn virally through the mud.

ORP, or online reputation management is the control or influence of the reputation of a public person, organization, company or product seen on the Internet.

Purchasing decisions are made more often as a result of previous browsing and not just by online shoppers. Even offline shoppers get informed via the internet before buying.

In other words, no matter what product or service you sell, it is important that the information about your company or your products, your online reputation is positive.

Online Reputation Management Prevention

There are professional groups such as lawyers, plastic surgeons and politicians for whom online reputation management is now essential, not only when something negative appears, but also as a preventative measure.

With these professional groups an online reputation is not always measured in total success or failure. If 3 out of the first 10 Google search results bring up negative comments about a lawyer, plastic surgeon or politician then that person’s online reputation is badly damaged and can only get worse. People in the public eye whose reputation with clients or voters is essential, such negative results on Google.com can be deadly.

How can you protect your online reputation ?

There is no 100% protection against a criminal element, but even so you lock your house and or car and protect yourself with an alarm system. You can protect your name on the web in a similar way. Don’t make it easy for unfair competitors to break into the top search results with relevant search words that are directed at your company. Let us make sure that any top search results on Google that are about your company were controlled by you yourself. In addition we oversee other search portals for you so that we can react quickly in case anything negative comes up about you or your company in the web.

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