WordPress Online Magazine

Wordpress Online Magazine

Wordpress Online Magazine

No matter what type of online magazine or online newspaper you need, Oberhauser.com is your competent partner, when it comes to the development of an SEO optimized, modern, responsive design, HTML5, CSS3 online magazine or newspaper.

Oberhauser.com’s online magazines function on all types of equipment, whether internet competent full HD tvs, Desktop PC’s, Tablet PC, IPads, Smartphones or IPhones; your magazine works on any internet accessible equipment without the user having to first download an App.

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Online Magazine powerd by WordPress

Oberhauser.com Online Magazine powerd by WordPress

Why do we use WordPress as the basis for online magazine development?

WordPress is an open source content management system (in short: CMS, which means Content Management System). Open source means that any software copied, distributed, used, modified may be given in a modified form. Open source for us as developers, has a decisive advantage in that we don’t have to invent the wheel all over again every day. It just makes sense to develop as a plug in only those functionalities that are needed on an individual basis. WordPress is from an army of developers from all over the world who worked on it continuously. It has already been installed more than 200 million times and there are already more than 40.000 WordPress plugins. WordPress offers us the perfect foundation for the development of Oberhauser.com online magazines.

Why do we prefer WordPress over all other CMS systems? We prefer WordPress for the development of Oberhauser.com online magazines to other CMS systems such as Typo#, Plone, Drupal, Joomla etc not because we think WordPress is “overall” the best system but because we are convinced that WordPress is the best open source system for the development of online magazines and newspapers.

When you are off road, an all terrain vehicle is the most suitable one to use, but on the Nordschleife of the Nurburgring, a Ferrari is more fun than a Toyota Land Cruiser. There is no universal CMS that is right for every type of project. Depending on the nature of the web project the most appropriate CMS for online newspapers and magazines is undoubtedly WordPress. Now and again we hear the objection that WordPRess is not suitable for larger projects. It is true that WordPress is not meant for every large project but for big news portals, online newspapers, periodical and magazines WordPress is definitely the best choice and we are able to implement WordPress for any kind of online newspaper or magazine, no matter how extensive. If WordPress was just a basic CMS for blogs or privates club’s blogs, then publishers such as ZDnet, The New York Times, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal would not continue to use it. This does not mean that we don’t handle corporate blogs, club magazines and private blogs.

Responsive design wordpress magazine theme

Oberhauser.com Responsive design wordpress magazine theme

Why is Oberhauser.com the right partner for you when it comes to online newspapers or magazines?

  • We work “clean.” This means WordPress based installation, layout (front end design theme), additional functionality (individual plugins) remain strictly separated from each other. This had its advantages, for one, a WordPress based system can be updated at any time to keep on top of the newest situations, and for another the layout of the magazine can be changed without great effort, without impacting functionality.
  • Oberhauser.com online magazines automatically adjust each screen size of over 1920 pixels wide HD down to 320 pixels for flexibility on your smart phone, without having to download an app. Just try the home page of Oberhauser.com on your iPad, Tablet PC or smart phone and you will see how even the slider adapts to the home screen of any size.
  • Since we own a wc3 valid, HTML5, CSS# Responsive Design WordPress online magazine themes, we are able to develop your WordPress online magazine very quickly, professionally and individually according to your desires.
  • Oberhauser.com online magazines are very SEO friendly, with 15 years of experience in web development.
  • We set up the WordPRess CMS content management system for our customers so that it is extremely user friendly and can easily be used by editors without programming knowledge.
  • Oberhauser.com online magazines can be used in any number of languages via WordPress Multi-site.
  • Through an-easy-to-manage, individual rights WP permission system, any number of people can write articles for your magazine on line and you can determine who has what rights, for instance, who is allowed to edit that article, who can publish it etc.

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