SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Want people to find your website more easily?

Make sure your website is SEO – Search Engine optimized!

We optimize your website “on page SEO” to make it easier to find on Google, and provide “off page SEO” with link building and smart networking to ensure that more people visit your site.

How do we proceed? Get to know us! We present SEO Search Engine Optimization concepts that help bring your website to the forefront on Google, and show you online promotional opportunities for your business that also make sense.

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The initial SEO Search Engine Optimization consultation is free and without obligation.

What’s next after the first SEO Search Engine Optimization Meeting?

SEO Analysis

The initial SEO Search Engine Optimization consultation usually begins with a first SEO analysis. Using an SEO analysis, we determine which online “on page SEO” action before an “off page SEO” strategy can begin. The cost of an SEO analysis depends on the extent of the web project, which will be analyzed. A small site with fewer individual pages can be analyzed quickly. The analysis of large web projects with several thousand or even hundreds of thousands of pages is complicated, however. We also perform analysis of very small sites with the greatest of care and to analyze a site with fewer than 1000 pages with the same degree of rigour, we can usually charge less than 1,000 Euros.

Your site is examined in terms of structure (usability), readable URI’s, web page titles, META elements, code content clarity (readability for search engines), internal linking, image deployment, validity, performance, indexing etc.

After completion of the SEO analysis, you will receive a detailed SEO Search Engine Optimization report which shows you the search engine friendliness of your site and details about what SEO measures may be necessary for search engines to find you better.

SEO sales meeting

Before we develop the SEO analysis into a plan of action, we get information from your sales front. This is because SEO is mostly about sales support from online to prospective customers. Contact with the sale is important and it is instructive to us because here we learn about your USP, about audiences, objections coming from customers etc. and this helps us find the right keywords and SEO measures to align with the right target groups.

SEO action plan

From the SEO analysis, other on page measures are implemented and with the sales input we then know how direct off page SEO. From this information we create an online marketing plan of action, in which we propose to include measures which go beyond SEO into the following areas: search engine marketing (SEM), social media optimization (SMO), social media marketing (SMM), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and email marketing.

Setting the SEO and SEO budget targets

If the SEO creates an action plan, you can decide which SEO and online measures are to be implemented – and to what extent. Based upon this the plan of action and SEO Search Engine Optimization budget can be determined. Depending upon the available budget, realistic SEO goals can be determined which should be achievable within the budget. Often, individual SEO Search Engine Optimization goals are imprecise and difficult to estimate, so it is impossible to say exactly when a ROI is achieved. In such cases, we recommend SEO measures to test in certain areas only, for example in a product group. If the success justifies the means employed, the budget can be increased. In other words, we are interested in a long-term successful cooperation and we know that it will only happen if the SEO Search Engine Optimization effort is worth it to you.

Implementation of SEO and SEO monitoring measures

We monitor the results of the SEO measures and report their success to you on a monthly basis. Our reports show, for example, how traffic to your site was improved, how your rankings have changed with regard to certain keywords or search phrases and your visibility index. For the keyword analysis and SEO Search Engine Optimization monitoring we used various software products such as XOVI and IBP.

We look forward to meeting you in person. If you have any questions or a no –obligation, initial free request please contact us…

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