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SEOkomm Interview Ortwin Oberhauser

SEOkomm Interview Ortwin Oberhauser

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM -Social Media Marketing
  • ORP Online Reputation Management
  • Web Development of WordPress Based Online Magazine

with headquarter in Bregenz am Bodensee, Vorarlberg, Austria.

Ortwin Oberhauser is the owner and Managing Director of Oberhauser.com. Ortwin is an SEO specialist with a graduate degree in applied computer science. He has been working in the field of search engine optimization since 1997. At the beginning of 2000, Ortwin held the first e-commerce training and web development course (HTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript) for WIFI (the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce), in addition to his on-going work in SEO and web development. From 2004-2008, Ortwin lived in Dubai and worked as a SEO and corporate branding consultant for the EHF – Dubai Media City. Ortwin brings more than 15 years experience in SEO and web development to Oberhauser.com, helping clients on Google.com and other sites rank higher; higher ranking means more coverage and more coverage leads to more conversions, contacts, sales and thus greater success. Like a good accountant, a good SEO agency pays for itself.

If your company is difficult to find on Google.com, or your competitors are easier to find, let us change that!

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