SEM Search Engine Marketing

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Want your ads to place in Google’s SERPs best? We can set up your Adwords account so that you target traffic to your site to buy, and win new customers as cheaply as possible.

SEM Search Engine Marketing offers several advantages:

  • Your Google Adwords ads are visible immediately. With SEO and SMO it takes a while to adjust to become successful, but with Search Engine Marketing success can be quickly achieved.
  • You decide on which keywords you want to be found on the web and how much it is worth to you over a particular period of time.
  • You only pay when it is effective, only when a click occurs on your ad; the publication of the ad itself creates no ongoing costs.
  • You have a full cost and performance review at all times.
  • SEM campaigns can be targeted precisely to regions, so that you decide which parts of the country to display yours and, of course, you can also determine in which countries your ads are displayed more.
  • Successes can be accurately measured; at any time you can see, via Google Analytics, which keywords brought visitors to your site and it lets you set up targets so that you can see which keywords actually resulted in contact.
  • As a rule, campaigns can be adjusted so that after a short period of time, more traffic can be purchased; the additional revenue gained by SEM pays for the cost of the SEM campaigns to justify your SEM or Adwords budget for optimal use.

How do we proceed?

Get to know us… contact us and let us talk about how meaningful SEM Search Engine Marketing and Google Adwords strategy can be for your organization. The initial consultation is free and without obligation.

What’s next after the first interview?

You decide what goes on after the initial consultation. We provide you with complete SEM services:

  • SEM strategy and campaign design
  • Keyword analysis and selection
  • Creation of texts and ads
  • Implementation of the campaign ads and groups
  • Bid management , the right combination of ads , keywords and matching bids
  • Monitoring
  • Monthly reporting

or we give you only the SEM Search Engine Marketing services you need.

We look forward to meeting you in person! If you have questions or would like a free initial consultation, please contact us …


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